An African Election is a documentary that grants viewers unprecedented access to the anatomy of Ghana’s 2008 presidential elections.

Capturing the intrigue of electioneering, the intensity of the vote-counting process, and the mood of the countrymen whose fate lies precariously in the balance, Director Jarreth Merz’s coverage unfolds with all the tension of a political thriller, revealing the emotions, passions, and ethical decisions that both threaten—and maintain—the integrity of the democratic process.

An African Election is the winner of the 2012 Africa Movie Academy Award for the best African documentary and premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.


A Political Safari is a mobile-cinema democracy and voter education outreach project that Jarreth Merz, director of An African Election and the film production company Urban Republic, has developed with international and African partners to showcase his documentary.

He has launched a unique outreach tour to support Africans striving for self-determination. Merz designed a truck with a projector and screen to drive safari-style throughout Africa bringing the film to students, civic groups, workers and rural areas where people don’t have access to electricity let alone cinema.